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Wife fucks dog stories

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A wife “accidentally” discovers that her dog is a better lover than her husband

Katy ed in. He was a strange dog, he just sat down and watched me as I walked over to get the bowl.

The End. For a minute he just stood there, not growling, not moving.

This brought Ranger to a position where he was standing on his hind legs. I asked her if she enjoyed the fucking that she got. Would feel strange if I was any place else. All I had to do then was ztories back and enjoy the fun. Up to a point.

What will happen next? Look he is ready now to fuck.

My pussy and guts ached and I was still feeling nauseous. For a while he concentrated on lapping up her juices, which ran freely out of her hole.

As I looked up I saw a dog that had narrowly escaped death running across the road and into the woods. During that time I did have an orgasm. He took a couple of steps forward and proceeded storoes lay on top of Katy, pinning her to the floor.

I have to admit, though, that it was sexy as hell. As Ranger thrust deeper and deeper Katy moaned more and more.

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As she moved her hand wwife to feel his sack she found both of his full ball hanging free. Katy tiptoed down the hallway to the guest bedroom and placed an ear to the door. As she reached the hallway she heard the car in the driveway backing out and driving away.

My wife gave a hot slap in my face. You would let dog fuck me? He brought her to a second orgasm almost as good as the first then he let me take him outside.

The bulge was increasing in size. It was my wife masturbating on our bed then she got up and went to get her vibrator. The house I was renting had an attached garage and a syories lawn. My pussy was still soaked from his last assault and on his third thrust he buried his cock to the hilt and locked his knot into me.

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I moved slowly and stopped when he started growling again. I cried out in disgust and dread, I knew I had no choice. The last thing I remembered was him setting his knot in my pussy and the large pools of cum on fuck floor was proof that he had rutted himself to completion. It was there that she encountered a large knot of muscle.

As each jet of cum shot into her mouth she swallowed greedily, not wanting to lose one drop of the stuff. One of the things that he really likes as a treat is peanut butter. Soon he threw a back leg over me and we were locked butt to butt for another fifteen minutes. It was only wifr short time after starting to suck on Carl that she felt him delivering his hot load,to her.

She groaned and flopped back onto the bed. Suddenly he bite into my butt cheek and I screamed in shock and pain.

You know, dear, he does have a life outside of living on the property and helping us. I walked into the house and saw Tanya being jumped on from the back by the dog. See you shortly.

Wife fucking dog

But Ranger wanted the steak. One day my wife came inside the caravan sat down with tears in her eyes. Her eyes opened and she looked at me as her orgasm overwhelmed her with tears of joy in her eyes. While it was true that he was fucking her every chance he had, it was only due to fact that he was doog his hypnosis on her.