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Whats the point of love

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Likebirds until the day we die About me: I'm a romantic, a liker and a highly intelligent man. I am a alone black girl 57 135 greenyes blond hair I am a older girl in my 40s but look and act like I lovee 35 so my friends say. I'm not waiting for a one night stand or ftf kind of thing thw I need too much attention for that lol) but not wanting to jump right into a relationship either.

Name: Davita
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I've been fighting to be who I am all my life. I was first a reader and without readers what would be the point in writing.

Now imagine that a creator out there that loves us, yet we do not acknowledge that and love him. If you and I were so independent that we never needed to lean on the other, what kind of relationship would we have?

Find great resources and learn how to love better.

Hope is all there is. For couples in long-term relationships, love means oove and commitment but for college students in the center of their first real relationship, love may feel messy and complicated. You love and respect each other, but it's not working. Unless you dope yourself out you're going to feel emotions anyway. Most of us spend an entire lifetime preparing to live. One [Sentient] often believes it best to choose the higher path over the companionship of another.

What's the point of anything when the person you love isn't here with you?

Too many people see love as possession. Even if it breaks my heart trying, I'm going to put effort in it at least, and hopefully I'll be able to look back at the moment with pride, or some kind of happiness.

Instead we treat people as property and we try to control them. Originally posted by lord xyz Love is like to the point you think it's perfect.

What's the point of love quotes

Yeah, I need to try aswell, I'm doing really bad, but and time's running out, but I'm sure it'll happen. I haven't experienced it either, and I don't really want to. Copyright KillerMovies. I mean if that's the way it goes, what's the point of loving someone? This is what making love must be like, she thinks. Originally posted by leonheartmm just TRY and define it in one way or another.

Like doing something with a certain someone, and then realizing I didn't love them, or they didn't love me, and totally regretting whatever was done. Life is given to us to be lived And what is the bloodydamn point of surviving in this cold world if Tge run from the only warmth it has to offer? I had no point of reference, no examples, nothing.

10 people explain what love means to them

When I originally sold X-Men it was because I knew there was 40 years of stories. OMG, I love this iced latte! The specific influences on villains to me is, I love the villains who are really hyper-smart. What kind of world does one see when one experiences it from the point of view of two and not one? And if there's bad behaviour," Mma Potokwane went on. What is the point of love?

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And you know relationships don't last. True love is a choice, not a feeling. This sweater is amazing, I love it. Just ppoint your devastating talent for keeping to the point and speaking the truth.

I'll probably just end up hurting even more, but that's a chance you have to take, to make someone else happy And love. You can be in the same rut for so long, and then, seemingly out of nowhere, everything changes and you remember what the point is.

What's the point of love famous quotes & sayings

Why not learn from them pooint You should work for Hallmark. Do not children touch everything they see? Love and live! SpearofDestiny And it will take over ur mind what u think is love is truly not u need to elevate and finnd love is blind Originally posted by lov xyz Captain King As someone who has very little compassion and "love", I believe I should be one of the people who's opinion is most considerd.

What point is there in risking life, when the real flavor of life is as yet unknown? Trees surrounded them from all sides, casting long inky wgats that would, at another time, have been scary.