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What does compatible numbers mean Look Sex Date

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What does compatible numbers mean

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Subtraction: Find the difference between Compatible s are close in value to the actual s that make estimating the answer and computing problems easier. Example 2 Subtraction Just kidding!

Let us see some examples to understand how we can perform subtraction, multiplication and division using compatible s. Note that one was decreased while the other was increased!

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Notice that both s were increased! Then, add a zero at the end to get 20 2. Compatible s for and 11 are and We use compatible s to make the problem easier to solve in our head by rounding each to the nearest ten, twenty, fifty or hundred.

We can round the s to the nearest ten, hundred, thousand or ten thousand to make them compatible s. Estimating products and quotients. In Example 2, each factor was changed to a compatible.

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Then add one zero at the end to get is a reasonable estimate. What are compatible s? In this way, what are compatible s examples?

Some examples of compatible s when doing multiplication are and 40, and 40, 25 and 4. Here's the general rule for rounding: If the you are mezn is followed by 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9, round the up.

The place values are determined by how many places the digit lies to the right or the left of the decimal point. When estimating decimal quotients, it is easiest to use compatible s.

What are compatible s with decimals? The Basic math blog What are compatible s?

For example, 90 and 9 are compatible s because 90 can be divided by 9 evenly to equal Actual Difference. Secondly, how do you round a ? If you increase the value of oneyou should increase the value of the other.

For instance, if we have to add andwe can make the s compatible by rounding them up to the nearest tens or hundreds. So, we make the s compatible by rounding both the s to the nearest tens.

When using estimation to approximate a calculation, replace actual s with compatible s. Multiply 7 by 8 and add two zeros at the end to get 2.

If the you are rounding is followed by 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4, round the down. So, we know the answer is about or s that compatibl with 1 or more zeros are compatible.

Compatible s are s that look nice or friendly with each other when we do mental calculation to estimate a product, an addition, a subtraction, but especially a division. Click to see full answer Correspondingly, what is the difference between rounding and compatible s?

Math goodies glossary

Some examples of compatible s when doing addition are and 75, and 2, and and Example: 33 rounded to the nearest ten is Compatible s When estimating quotients, we want to round our dividends and divisor so that they are compatible. s in the multiplication table assuming that we know the table by heart. But if we make the s compatible and round up to the nearest hundred or ten spot, and are much easier to compute in our he.

Some examples of compatible s when doing division are and 10, 36 and 6, and voes, and 64 and 8.

If not, just study again!