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Looking for my version of Monaco

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Given the enormous wealth of the people living in Monaco, why would they choose to live in such a place when they can afford to live anywhere in the world. At the end, the four women featured in the video leave the od smiling and Hook and Potts follow them out.

Monaco not for everyone a tax haven! []

When he wins, the dwarf, along with many other people, appear at the table. But… The negative points of living in Monaco: 1. There is no real sense of community or belonging here. Monaco… is not always a tax haven… Is Monaco a real tax haven, or not…??? The typical picture is the once nice and sexy top model, who is now od, despite the best plastic surgeons she looks more and more like her dog and is alone in the empty streets of Monaco.

Most buildings are old and worn out, most of the apartments are small and build in the seventies and eighties. At first glance… When most people here about Monaco, it sounds like a fairytale… Blue Mediterranean, mild climate, French chic, princess Grace, save foe the ultrarich and no tax. At another table, a dealer hands Hook some cards. Everyone, also the wealthy because everyone is wealthy are living in small apartments and paying average rents of As Potts plays roulette with a group of people, Hook plays his bass and sings beneath the glass table.

I literally see at least thirty Ferraris or Lambos every day. Read here the full article.

You are surrounded by garish jewellery stores and deers. To buy your looking at typically between 2 and 12 million but foe you can pay much more. You are surrounded by the trappings of wealth so much that all status symbols become what they really are anyway — irrelevant and a bit stupid.

What do you want from me? (monaco song)

Later on, a man grabs a woman's behind and she shoos him away while the back-up singers sing in to a microphone in another part of the casino. Her former older of course boyfriend is already a longe time in his graveyard. The band then appear in a white room performing the song and also at what appears to be the front of the casino.

So it always feels like it is Sunday morning. Music video[ edit ] The music video for the song features group members Peter Hook and David Potts entering a fancy casino along with many other glamorous people, including two women who appear to be with the both of them, plus two gothic-looking characters male and femalea dwarf, and a glamorous-looking woman. Especially when you want to become permanent resident, then they will require you live there more then days a lot to live on a place which has the size of Central Park!

Monaco hospitality - monaco forum

He gestures to her as if to say he needs to be excused and goes off with the glamorous-looking woman as his former date looks on. Just before the chorus, Hook appears outside and Potts assists in singing the chorus from underneath the glass. He sneaks a peek at them as he sings.

The guests continue to enjoy themselves and the glamorous looking woman who entered with the dwarf throws something away in the trash. Later on, two back-up singers also appear underneath the glass. Considering what you actually get for your money it is truly astonishing that so many people do come here.

Monaco hotels and places to stay

Only Ask Us Anything If you want a legal creative sharp tax advice, if you have a remark, an idea… if you want to check a loophole, or you want a second opinion, a company… a bank or you just want to chat… Your Name required. My only conclusion is that many people who come here love money so much that they prefer to have more in the bank and live in a tiny apartment.

The dwarf jumps up and down, cheering. There is virtually no nature here whatsoever — just concrete ro and apartment blocks.

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The whole principality is about 3km across and 1km deep. This le them to focus on trivial, pointless things. Faded glory. Better alternatives.

No nature. Monaxo woman kisses the dwarf on the head and another man has a drink poured on him by a woman as the band continues to play in the white room.

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Ridiculous expensive. The dwarf appears in another part of the casino playing the featured piano solo while the gothic-looking man sits with the gothic-looking woman.