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Get ready to connect with other fitness minded people using the Workout Buddies App!

Evening workout advantages: Stress relief. You will always be competing with your workout buddy. They found that people exercised more when their companion offered emotional support and encouragement and rather than practical support like never missing a session.

High profile workout buddies

Classes, classes, classes. How to Find a Fitness Friend Having someone to work out with makes a big difference in the quality and frequency of your exercise. Lookin get a boost in motivation and ability. Search, Friend and meet up with local people who want to band together in the name of fitness! Working out with a friend is more fun. And here are a few ways that recruiting a workout buddy raises the bar on your workouts and your fitness: 1.

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Dr Rackow said: "The idea of this study was to test in a very natural setting what is happening when two people get together with the aim to exercise more. Sharing your goals with your buddy gives you someone to celebrate your wins with and vice versa. Morning workout advantages: Consistency. You share and celebrate the wins together. There are few better Lookinf to set your day up for success than to start it at the gym.

So keep your competitive spirit sn and under control. If you are looking to find new workouts and workout partners, than you need to use Workout Buddies! Plus, having someone hold you able for that early morning or evening workout can help you stay consistent.

On the clock: finding the perfect time to work out

If you want as little hassle as possible on cardio machine or elsewhere in the gym, your best bet is to go work out first thing in the morning. Competition: If you are someone who thrives on a little healthy competition, you definitely need a workout buddy.

All of it. Even if it seems like the tiniest of victories to you, your buddy understands and will recognize what went into that success. University of Aberdeen Summary: Researchers have been investigating whether having an exercise companion increases the amount of exercise we do.

You have someone there to laugh or commiserate with. Connect with new fitness oriented friends while searching for local workouts to. I had read motivation tips in a leaflet that suggested that having an exercise companion would help me to exercise more but I wanted to know if this was true. Here are five reasons why everyone needs to go find a workout buddy.

The showed that the group who found a new exercise partner exercised more than those who followed their regular exercise routine. Or do you prefer to wind down at the end of the day with some quality you-time doing cardio or strength training? But not all your friends will listen attentively when you talk about hook grips, calluses, or your sweet new pair of lifting shoes.

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They divided support into two types, emotional and instrumental. If you want to try the full range of fitness classes Fitness Connection has to offer, visiting the gym in the evening is your best bet. To about the NIFS bloggers.

Dr Rackow and her team asked half of the participants to find a new 'gym buddy' and the other half continued with their normal routine. Motivation: When you exercise alone, there is no one beside you cheering you on between ot. Variety: When you have to come up with your own exercises all the time, they Lpoking start to get a little repetitive.

For People Never work out alone again. Researchers found that finding a new exercise companion increased the amount of exercise people took. We hope you enjoy our tips and insight! A budvy bit of friendly competition adds intensity to your workouts. This is the first study to investigate the benefits of a new exercise companion and to look into the specific qualities in a partner that make a good gym buddy.

This was increased even more when the new partner was emotionally supportive. Tweet About Our Blog NIFS blogs are written by our nationally certified and degreed staff on fitness subjects ranging from workouts to nutrition to how to live a healthy lifestyle. All you have to do is put on Loiking workout clothes, go to Fitness Connection, and get moving.

How to find a workout buddy

Gyms offer a much wider variety of classes in the afternoon and evening for obvious reasons: more people are working out at that time. Having someone with you who can make you laugh will make exercise more enjoyable.

Going through an intense workout alone is never as fun as having wwork right next to you working hard and making you laugh. But your workout buddy gets it. Dr Rackow added: "Once we found that having a new exercise companion increases exercise frequency we wanted to find out why this is beneficial and what quality of support they offer that has this effect.

Reasons to find someone to exercise with

Our showed that the emotional social support from the new sports companion was the most effective. These are the days your workout buddy steps in and helps you with your motivation. Access their stores straight from the app. If you and your buddy take turns picking bufdy workout, it will change things up. Generally speaking, fewer people go to their local gym in the morning than in the evening. Thus, it is more important to encourage each other than doing the actual activity together.

Trying something new is a little scary and intimidating.

Why having a fitness buddy is the best thing ever

You both might enjoy different types of exercise, so the variety will keep each workout from getting boring. And showing up for a tough workout with a buddy might help you look forward to the challenge — rather than dread it.

But knowing your buddy is close by provides you with a supplemental source of confidence.