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Without stopping, she lesbbian her body over mine, in between my legs, kneeling there over me. I gasp, and my breathing grows faster, panting.

This erotic story by Carson March was originally published on Bellesa. Videos update very often, so just bookmark our LesbianTube. Her legs are pressed up against me, her eyes pinned on mine, and her hand moving slow and lazy between my legs.

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But she takes my hand and pulls me behind her down the hall, heading to my bedroom. She pauses a moment, unbuttoning the rest of the buttons all the way down, opening it completely. She keeps thrusting, thrusting, thrusting, exotuc wet sound of her fingers fucking into me like a rhythm that she matches with her tongue on my clit.

She continues on for another minute, slowly licking and sucking.

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The tip of my nose. She slowly licks all around my nipple, closing her warm mouth over it. I feel her breathe against my lips, panting now, desperate.

She needs no second request. Club erotic porn esotic collection on LesbianTube. Come back everyday and you will see beautiful lesbians that fuck each others, eat juicy pussies and lick sweet asses. She leans over, kisses my forehead.

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When she lifts her lips off to take a deeper breath, I instinctively put my hands down on her head and lift my hips back up. I am delirious on my arousal - drunk and dizzy and overwhelmed. Intuitively, my hips push forward towards her and wordlessly, without breaking the kiss at all, she pushes her knee forward and up, sliding it between my thighs, pushing the skirt of my dress up with it until the top of her knee is against the juncture of my thighs.

She keeps pushing her knee up against me, and I let my weight shift to gain more pressure exotoc traction against her leg. She moves up alongside me, and kisses me lesbiqn.

I let myself come down off my elbows and lay my head back. After what seems like minutes, I finally lay back, my legs open, my breath hitched. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.

She lifts her mouth to mine and kisses me deep, hard, and her hands come up on either side of my face as her tongue slips into mine. I can feel the soft pressure her fingers moving flat over my knickers, and I nudge extic hips up into her. Her lesiban lifts off me, and I feel her finger tips take hold of the edge of my pants, and moving them to the side, expose my vulva. Briefest kiss on my lips.

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Suddenly, I feel her mouth open wide, sucking as much of my breast into her mouth as she can. I want to beg her to do something - anything - to me. She keeps just looking at me - her eyes roam over my face, down to my neck, and suddenly, I feel so impatient. Getty Images I feel her finger slipping deeper, looking for the spot to enter lesbin, and when she finds it, her finger slips all the way, easily. Getty Images Pesbian pulls open the buttons on the front of my dress, revealing my simple bra underneath.

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I moan, and feel my body push into her. I start to close my eyes, but she stops me. Here you will easy find hottest lesbian hard sex action in web, top rate nude lesbo models, fresh lesbo porn videos, all kind of lesbian pussy, tits and ass's. Oh god, oh god, oh god! She lays back down next to me.

To my neck. Near my ear.

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You smell perfect. I want… Fuck… I want this to be so good for you.

Her mouth closes over one nipple, through my bra, sucks, and I almost scream from the feeling sexx it all. The slick dragging feel is explosively good and my shoulders lift up off the bed.

One side of my jaw. Pushing my breast deeper into her hand, a small moan escapes my mouth. She puts her hands on either side of my face, stroking my hair and cheeks. She pulls her lebsian out, and I lift up on my elbows to look down at her — she puts her finger in her mouth, tasting me for the first time, and sucks it in and out a few times.