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Do you value your family, friends and the community. Can host, would rather travel to you.

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This was back when Tinko was the lead mic, they had everybody feelin gangsta lol.

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What I say earlier, unapologetic. In so many ways I wanted to be like her.

While I was in 9th grade, there was a guy that had a huge crush on me. She had them LEGS though.

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Shit was getting real for the girl now. would take it even harder than an adult would.

We kissed in the back of the school bus one time but that was it. A woman who is one day mad at you for being too sensitive and emotional and then the next minute is mad at you for being a closed book.

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Even though his broke ass used to beat her and never let her go out?! I had liked to think I got along with everybody.

You can be minding your own business sometimes and trouble will just come and find you. Man my mother pulled up to that school so fast.

I remember he had a big nose, he wore glasses, and had a egg shaped head. Lil petite thing just like me. And my butt used to be annoying. Boys never called me beautiful in school, never called me pretty. But we will revisit that conversation later.

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Anyways, Joe liked me a lot. I love listening to her stories about how she used to be rumbling in her younger days.

Often times she would share some of her stories about the conversations had at work with me. Remember making mixed cds? And I did learn eventually not to let anybody take advantage of my kindness, in other words I learned how to bite back.

You know who my fuckin daughter is, you and your sister tried to jump my daughter! So guess who I call, my mother.

I had already struggled with self-esteem and self-confidence from when I was younger. My bestie asss how to drive now and she done transferred schools so she coming to Largo with me. Just think about that when speaking in reference to adults. As well as being a pretty shit bristish television station, BBC is also an acronym for; Bitches Be Crazy It is used to describe a situation in which a woman Bitch has done something incomprehensible or unfair.

I was still awkward as fuck wit it tho lmao. At the time when I attended, the school was bbcc known for their go-gos. It made me question myself, my appearance, and how I was already made fun of in my past. I was always just cute. Lil Wayne and Jigga are my favorite rappers. The other semi traumatic experience I had began from a rumor.

No PA Palace for me and Jeffro, we got all our shit off of other people and limewire.

Someone went around saying that song was about me. I went to Largo Senior High School. I hated my overbite. Her dislike for me was so bad that she and her sister wanted to jump me.

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Go figure. I do remember my Ma and I having a talk, bnc her telling me how I needed to stand up for myself. She popped off on any and every girl who looked at me wrong. I was making friends and not being so much of a loner like I was in elementary and middle school.